Air conditioning bills can be quite costly, especially when the summer months roll around.  With more and more homes looking to save money these days, one of the biggest home costs tends to be the electric bill.  So, to help you out, we’re going to share how you can cool two rooms with one air conditioner!  So, let’s take a look and see how it’s done.

Steps to Cool Multiple Rooms at Once

First, if you don’t like to run your AC all the time, get fresh air from the outdoors, turn off the AC at night and open your windows. When we spoke with Live Your Aloha, who deals with the Hawaiian heat all year round, they mentioned that often times in the evening the air is clean, fresh, and cooler. Get that fresh air in your living environment first because that’s giving healthier air to breathe throughout the day. Now many of you probably know the strategy of filtering your windows and not letting that radiant sunlight come in, while keeping your windows open.

So, that’s how I start off the day: keeping the windows cracked and keeping the shades drawn. Now later on in the day, when the heat and humidity builds up, it’s time to crank your AC unit. Cold air falls to the bottom of the floor, and warm air rises, so what happens with these window units is that you’ll have a room that will be very cool. The only problem is that my other rooms are not as cool because the cool air is staying in that back room.

So what you want to do if you’re on a budget, and you cannot afford to get central AC, or even buy a window AC for every room, is just get yourself a fifteen dollar box fan. Set up the box fan in the doorway between the cool room and the warm room. Set that floor level; that’s taking the cool air on the floor and moving it into this room, and this room–within half an hour–making it a lot cooler. You can actually feel the cool air from the AC in the back room, moving into this front room.  And that’s pretty much it!  I hope this simple tip helps you get the most out of your window air conditioning unit, especially if you’re on a budget like I am, and you gotta stay cool during hot, sweltering, humid summer months. Stay cool.

How to Cool Two Rooms with One Portable Air Conditioner