All of us have surely dreamt of building or having our own dream house. We think of everything starting from the color down to style, then the decorations and accessories. And yet, sometimes we fail to pay attention to small details that will make our dream house totally different. One of the small details here is the choosing the right window shades and blinds for your leaving room. Yes, it may be a small detail but when you do not pay attention to it, it may affect or totally change the ambiance you’re aiming for your dream house. A plain window can make your leaving room look unfinished. Of course, who would want a house like that? You may try installing and using blinds.

First off, it is important to know the difference between blinds and shades. The terms are often used interchangeably; however, there are a few key distinctions. Blinds are a row of uniform slats that can be adjusted to let in or block out the light. A shade is a single panel that can be pulled down or put up. Whether you chose shades or blinds can greatly affect the look of the room.

To figure out what type of window treatment is best for you, you’ll want to know what purpose you want them to serve. For example, you may be looking to control the sunlight entering your house, or you may just want to spruce up your windows. Window blinds and shades are also great for insulation, privacy, and noise reduction, depending on what type you choose.

The following are the factors you may want to consider when looking and choosing the right window accessories for your leaving room.

For light control

If you are looking for better light control, blinds may be a better choice. Though shades are good for light regulation and certain designs can darken a room completely or allow a glow to seep through, the type of sun control you get is specific to the type of shade. Blinds, for the most part, are all able to shut out light or let the desired portion in. If you are looking to create a different atmosphere with lighting rather than with the window treatments themselves, shades might be a better option. Depending on the material and color, the light that enters your room can emit the mood you are going for.

Making it an extension of the room

The perfect window treatment is something that looks like a natural extension of your room. Some homeowners tend to buy the same shades for all of their leaving rooms and some buy different shades for each room. If you think this is costly, you may try to do it first on your living room then slowly do it on the other rooms of your house.

Room decor

The overall visual of your room can help you in choosing the right shades. If you want your room to have a luxurious feeling, you may choose patterned vertical blinds such as these top down cellular shades by Affordable Blinds. If plantation style décor or western theme is your style, you can try horizontal, natural wood blinds. And if you want shades that can fit any space, low-cost mini-blinds and aluminum blinds are for you. They can be attractively enhanced with some curtains and other accessories.

Take note of the window features

When choosing shades or blinds, it is essential to think of the views through your window, the kind of light that passes, and the location of the windows in your room. For example, for your window that overlooks a beautiful scenic view, you should choose blinds that fully open and close, such as vertical blinds. Small ones like a kitchen window above the sink does not really need blinds to be put in.

Check the color and contrast

The colors of the blinds you chose should be different from your room color to give it a unique feel. It is important to check the color and contrast of the room and window treatment in order for you to achieve a good ambiance, not to make your room duller and dreary.

Ventilation and insulation purposes

There are window coverings that are best in keeping or increasing your house’s energy efficiency during the chilly weather. Also, putting up shades to your windows and even to your doors can give you an extra layer of insulation and help lower your power bills in the long run.


Of course, when you choose shades for your leaving room’s window, you should take note of your privacy and views. The main purpose of having window coverings is to keep away from nosy eyes. There are fabric and weave shades that give you more privacy compared to other types of shades or blinds. You may want to try these kinds of treatments for your leaving room.

Tips for Picking the Right Blinds and Shades for Your Living Room