If your home is overwhelmed with clutter, it’s time you pick up your toolset and streamline the mess in your house once and for all. Building mini storage units at home will ensure you store your things in a more organized and convenient way. If you are planning to prepare your own site and erect the storage unit on your own, these DIY tips will help you develop an efficient storage unit that will suit your needs.

Getting Started with a Storage Unit

Most of the construction of a storage unit is straightforward and only requires standard carpentry tools. The first step when building a storage unit is coming up with a layout, clearly indicating the dimensions of the unit similar to these mini storage units in Charlotte, NC. Ensure you do extensive research and put your storage needs into consideration before designing a layout. After drawing the layout and deciding where to locate your storage unit, it’s time to construct a platform and build the property. Build walls on your platform, using chalk lines as your guide. Stick to the dimensions of your layout so that the walls will fit into each other perfectly.

As far as building the units goes, it’s more convenient to build the roof upside down on the platform. You will avoid ladder work and be in a position to nail soffit material to the overhangs easily, unlike when you are working overhead. Make sure the framing is square by equalizing diagonal measurements from opposite corners. Hold the roof frame with screws to keep it straight while installing the soffit material.

You can now stand the walls, align their corners and nail them together. You will need help to hoist the roof into position. Lean the roof panels against the back and front walls. Align the panel’s ridge with the peak of the walls. You can decide to build a door and windows or order ready-made ones from your local store. Building them is definitely the cheaper alternative. You now have a standing structure which only requires finishes such as installing exterior trim, roofing, and painting.

How to Save When Building Mini Storage Units

Some people shy away from building storage units at home for fear of spending too much money on the project. However, building your own storage units is cheaper than renting storage when the need arises. What’s even better is that you can build mini storage units on a low budget. Using materials from your local home centre and designing dimensions that will make the most efficient use of these materials, you can come up with a storage unit without spending much. To maximize your savings without compromising the quality of your storage unit, construct a wood foundation, use sliding panels from oriented strand board for the sides and a custom wood door. Get materials that are pre-primed to further save time and money.

With these tips, you can build storage units in a simple and cost-effective way and add a touch of style to your home decor. Customizing your own mini storage units gives you an opportunity to add a personal touch to the design. And the storage units will go a long way to help keep your home tidy and well organized.

DIY tips for building mini storage units at home