Do you love DIY projects?  Well, one home project that is becoming increasingly popular is home fountains.  In particular, pond fountains.  Sure, you could take the easy way out and find a pond fountain for sale, but where’s the fun in that?  So, the question is, does your ambition revolve around building an attractive pond fountain in your home? Perhaps you have been putting off the idea because you believe it will mess with your wallet. However, you can build a pond fountain without spending a lot of money. Here a few tips that are crucial to building your own pond fountain.

  1. Choose and prepare the site

Choose a site that will serve as a suitable location for the pond. Start by removing any debris, grass, rocks and plants from your proposed site. Afterwards, proceed to dig out the shape of the pond fountain. You can utilize a rope to give you a visual image of the pond’s layout.pond fountain for sale

  1. Add some fill sand

Add two inches thick layer of fill sand to cover the soil. It also serves as a cushion for the pond liner to be laid afterwards. Plus it ensures the pond liner does not tear when it comes in contact with any rocks or the soil.

  1. Lay the pond liner

The pond liner ensures the pond is clean constantly. It separates the sand and soil from the water. Make use of rocks to ensure the liner is cut to the desired size and accurately placed around your pond.

  1. Build the fountain

Why don’t you put the stones in your home backyard into good use? It is a lot cheaper to use them as opposed to buying a fountain stone. Choose a stone endowed with natural chutes if you want a flow that is stream-like. Drilling the stone is simple and requires just a few minutes. Use a rotary hammer drill to drill through the stone. You can always rent if you do not own one. Once you are done building the fountain, add water to the pond.  You can see some beautiful

  1. Do some landscaping

pond fountain for saleThis does not have to involve a lot of work. If you have a few flagstones in your home, you can lay them around your pond.

  1. Add a few plants

Plants surrounding the pond’s edges add life and colour of the fountain stone. Ensure the plants are watered by adding drip irrigation.

  1. Practice good maintenance practices

After you have finished building your pond fountain, you have to ensure it is well maintained. Once or twice a month, pump out half the water from the pond and use clean water to refill it.

So, are you ready to spruce up your home? One great way to do is to build a pond fountain. A pond fountain in your backyard can accentuate the exterior décor of your home. It is an easy process if you follow the tips highlighted in this article.

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DIY tips to building your own pond fountain